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Basing on the company target and markets need, the R&D center has many new projects in progress:

Polycrystalline diamond die blanks for drawing alloy wire with high hardness and precision.

Nowadays, many industries have higher requirements for higher hardness and precision wires, for example, wires used for cutting polycrystalline silicon chip in solar industry and steel cord used in high grade tires. So, there are some big potential needs for diamond die blanks at markets.


Super larger PCD cutting tool blanks

Tools made with PCD are used in many fields, such as hard processing by lathing instead of grinding, high speed cutting, high stability processing, high speed and stability, low roughness processing, dry cutting, and clean processing, etc. The cutting speed is much higher than that of tools made with hard alloy, and the life of the PCD is hundred times more than that of alloy, increasing process efficiency and lowering costs. At present, the popular PCD blanks in the international markets are made with double presses. Our company is the first one to make PCD blanks with diameter of 2 inch with cubic presses. And nowadays, we have been developing bigger PCD blanks with diameter of  58mm which will be helpful for users to lower down costs effectively.


PCD cutters for oil and mining bits

a.PCD cutters for oil and mining bits suitable for complex formations

At present, the top grade PCD blanks used for oil/gas drilling are mainly from Synthesis, DI and other world famous enterprises. Meanwhile, many oil and gas areas covering northwest and southwest are too complicated for normal drills, which require top grade PDC blanks consequentially. SF Diamond has been researching and developing PDC cutters for oil with higher impact resistance, abrasion resistance and better comprehensive performance which fit for drilling hard stratum, viscous stratum and various complex formations. Our company has broken the monopoly of higher PCD blanks controlled by some world famous enterprises by establishing advanced production lines and making top grade qualified products for the worldwide markets. And now, SF Diamond is one of the leading manufacturers of top grade PCD blanks for oil/gas drilling bits in the world.

b.Fastigiate PDC series used on coal mine heading machine

With the fast development of mechanization and automatization in coal mining in China, more and more companies use heading machines to pierce stone drifts and coal drifts, which So, it is necessary to develop new materials with longer life and higher abrasion resistance to replace hard alloy bits, reducing consumption and increasing efficiency. Recently our R&D center has developed some samples of PCD composite bits used on coal mine heading machine and is trying to test them, improve product series for coal heading machines.

c. Hemispherical PDC cutter series used on hole drills for mining.

Down-the-hole(DTH)drill bits are widely used in the fields of mining, water and power construction, roading, railroading, etc. At present, the DTH drill bits are usually made with hard alloy, which are used as cracking tools. And there is no any report about the production and applications of such kind of hemispherical PCD composite bits. Meanwhile, the products we are developing will be effective to improve the life of DTH drill bits, lower down usage costs and increase production efficiency.


Composite super hard material products

Basing on the advantages of quality and price of composite super hard materials, SF Diamond devotes herself to the research and development of PCD wire die, high grade diamond grinding wheels production lines, fastigiate PCD composite bits used on coal mine heading machine, PCD composite bit series used on mole drills for mining, PCBN cutting tools. And much more, we are also try to develop various PCD wearable parts.